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Samuel Kallon, "Serve4Good Serves Salone," Africa 24, May 31, 2023, Sierra Leone, Print version. Web version

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"Serve4Good Keeps Girls in School," The Calabash Newspaper, July 7 2023, Sierra Leone, Web version

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Pateh Beh, "Serve4Good Serves Salone," The Exclusive, May 22, 2023, Sierra Leone, Print version. 

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Lisa Cirieco-Ohlman, "Teenager, Ruben Chung's NGO, Serve4Good, helps Girls Stay in School," Know-it-All, 27 April 2023, Geneva, Web version.  May 2, 2023 Facebook post 

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Tadeuz Roth, "A 16 ans, il fonde une ONG," GHI, July 19, 2023, Geneva, Print version.  Web version

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Distinguished Service Award

Government of Malimba, Sierra Leone

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