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Ruben Chung
Geneva, Switzerland

Hi, I'm Ruben, a high schooler in Geneva, Switzerland and founder of Serve4Good. My journey leading me to providing projects to keep girls in school in developing areas all started with... tennis ! Outside of trainings and with few competitions in 2020, there weren't  many chances for juniors in Geneva to get together.  Coming out of the first lockdown and since under 16's were allowed on the courts, I decided to create a junior tennis tournament as a way to meet up again and get back into the competitive spirit, in a fun way! At the same time I wanted to use that opportunity to serve a good cause. I decided to use the tennis tournament to launch a service organization that would help children in need, particularly in developing countries. As we were all washing our hands a lot during COVID, I decided to focus on access to WASH (water, sanitation, and hygiene) and Education.  In that first tournament, we raised 2,034 CHF to fund handwash stations to help COVID hygiene in Bangladesh, through Save the Children. I learned that girls suffer disportionately to boys as a result of lack of access to clean water. Water and Gender Afterwards, we found specific schools and children we could help more directly, through my former primary school French teacher, who founded several schools in Sierra Leone and has remained very active there. While she was concentrating on building the classroom buildings and providing teachers, I found that water access and hygiene were also urgently needed but outside the scope of what she had resources or time for. After polling the children, we also discovered that girls suffered more than their male counterparts missing school or dropping out altogether, due to water collection duties, menstrual issues, or health problems like diarrhea, so our projects are targeted to help girls especially to stay in school. Lately, we decided also to start a school learning garden as women are responsible for food security in their families and despite the fertile land of the area, farming yields are not very high so we are helping them to learn good farming practices as well.   I hope you support our projects for girls and SERVE 4 GOOD! ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

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Khadijatu Jalloh
Freetown, Sierra Leone

Hi, I'm Khadijatu. I'm studying medicine at the University of Sierra Leone, hoping to become a cardiac thoracic surgeon! I'm excited to contribute to Serve4Good's mission to help girls stay in school as well as being available to mentor the girls. I believe a lot of girls my age and below will benefit a great deal from these initiatives.

Martine Coppens
Geneva, Switzerland

My name is Martine Coppens. I am a former teacher and coordinator at the International School of Geneva. I lived and worked in DRC, Chad, Sierra Leone, Cameroon, Liberia, Ivory Coast, New York and Geneva. I am thrilled to help Ruben and his team in providing water and hygiene initiatives which are making measurable impacts on the girls' futures by keeping them in school.

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